Rachel Phillimore:

Rachel is a textile artist who uses the traditional skills of hooky and proggy matting. She uses woollen fabric for floor rugs and velvets, sparkles and silks for her wall hangings. In her work she uses strong colours and bold designs, but she also creates images using soft tones.

100 years ago hooky and proggy mats were seen in many northern homes. They were everyday utilitarian household items fashioned from recycled cloth. Nowadays they are re-emerging and being valued for their aesthetic and textural appeal. I am constantly in mind of this history.

Using the traditional skills of hooky and proggy matting I make rugs and wall hangings. The rugs are made from woollen fabrics which makes them both warm and durable. Velvets, silks and sparkles are worked into the designs for wall hangings.

I use the materials like a palette, having gathered and cut them, the colours are carefully selected for the design.

The ideas for my work come from the natural forms around where I live. The expansive landscape of the North Pennines with its ever-changing weather patterns and stone walls covered with mosses and lichens. I also derive many of my images from the garden, vases of spring flowers and clambering nasturtiums.

Rachel runs day courses , please contact her for information and she takes commissions to suit your individual taste and colour schemes.


Rachel Phillimore
Matties Green
01434 320706
Rug Maker


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