Steph Jamieson:

Living in Northumberland close to the small town of Allendale, Steph Jamieson works with smoke and fire to create her beautiful, simple ceramic sculptures.

Her main concern is in form rather than function and her interest in archaeology, geology and astronomy are a constant source of experiment and influence in her work.

The ceramics, made from white stoneware, are burnished when leatherhard and bisque fired to around 1000C. Recently she has been experimenting with various resist methods which allow her to achieve a particular design. Smoke firing in a sawdust kiln using organic materials and oxides provide the more random effect of the surface decoration. Low fired techniques offer spontaneous decoration that are particularly suited to her simple forms.






Steph Jamieson
Broadwood Hall
NE47 9AD
01434 683268



Steph also exhibits at the following galleries:

Gallery Upstairs, Blanchland

Artery Gallery, Crieff

Artery Gallery, St Andrews

Inchmore Gallery, Nr Inverness

Scottish Showcase Gallery, Kirkubright

Workshop at Broadwood Hall Allendale is open by appointment throughout the year

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